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For the past six months I have had the privilege of being my own boss hehehe. Now, my office is wherever I have access to my phone and/or laptop. I’ve worked from everywhere possible, my bed, bathroom (yikes I know!), the kitchen, my car, my kid’s school parking lot, hotel lobbies, bank lobbies, client’s offices… the list is endless!

One of the side gigs I have been doing apart from corporate training is selling ‘Made in Ghana’ books which have helped me personally. So occasionally I would walk from office to office or to an individual and sell these to them, I actually enjoy this. My favourite among them is ‘Why you are not rich as you should be’ by Joseph Kyei Ankrah. The look alone on people’s faces when they read the title is priceless hahahahaaa! So on one of such selling spree, I decided to quickly dash to all the offices on the ground floor of a certain building in Adum before picking my kids from school.

Here is what I saw…

First office: a lady lying lazily in a swivel chair. She seemed to be a Receptionist but there was nothing receptive about her, neither her body language nor the way she spoke. The office was dead quite with no activity whatsoever.

Second office: another lady with earphones and looking on her phone. She seemed shocked to see me standing there, I bet she didn’t hear me open and close the door. There too, I saw no sign of business activity.

Third office: two gentlemen and a lady, all properly slouched in their seats! I couldn’t believe it! No facial expression from them, no sign of enthusiasm to see a potential client. I felt amused as I mentally interpreted their reaction to me ‘who is this one too?’ lol. It was a Savings and Loan company.

By the third office, I prayed silently ‘Lord, please don’t give me an office until my team is occupied with productivity everyday’ I felt sad for their business owners because I knew the mood would have been totally different if they were present. I wondered, are businesses generally slow because the economy is slow? Why do they look so dull? Is it that they have nothing to do or is it an attitudinal problem? Why are they sitting in their offices with AC running when their clients are elsewhere? Why won’t they go out and find business?

In this same economy in which there are so many complaints about businesses not doing so well, others are not just surviving but thriving. I am curious, what are they doing differently? I am on a mission to find out, and I aim to share as much as I can with you here. If you have the answers, please share with me ok? Sharing they say, is caring.

Remain fabulous!

Ama xx

Ama Duncan is a Corporate Trainer and Founder of Corporate Training Solutions and The Fabulous Woman Network


  1. It’s very interesting really. The attitudes that greet you when you enter offices. 😟No sense of business at all. Well,that is one thing about Ghana,possibly other places that keeps us far away from economic development. I’m not sure if it is to do with how we are socialised but our attitude to things really needs to move from lackadaisical to active. It’s rather sad.


    1. It is attitudinal. Sad to say I know the staff of some banks fall into this category. Gone were those days when a staff of a bank would walk up to a stranger to find out if he/she could be of assistance.
      Now they sneer at you as if they are doing you a favour!


  2. I was quite embarrassed my South African colleagues complained about this attitude on our last visit. I bet it isn’t a “Ghanaian” thing and others are probably on their toes… but I pray this culture will fade away. You find service providers acting as though they are doing you a favor. Sad.


  3. I have been awakened by your article. Unfortunately, we have all been victims or doers of the lackadaisical attitude towards our work,business and to improving our economy. In this same economy in which there are so many complaints about businesses not doing so well, we have foreign investors coming into our country and making it big with their businesses. I think we have a problem of thinking outside the box. leaning towards positive change, acquiring and updating our knowledge and discovering and inventing new ways of doing things. We are not prepared to change or accept change. Also, we do not challenge ourselves beyond breaking point and are also lazy in taking on challenge. hmmmm, it saddens me to realize after reading this article that I have been lackadaisical towards improving myself positively and to work and others. I pledge to change positively.
    Thank you. keep up your good work.

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  4. You’ve brought up a very sad but honest truth about the quality of customer service in Ghana . I honestly think it’s the way people are paid-monthly salary basis . It assures them that come what may, they will be paid regardless of their daily input to the institutions they work for. When people are paid on commission basis, or hourly Rated, they are more conscious of what they are worth based on what they bring in.
    Consumer feedback is also reflect the satisfaction of the quality of work done .

    Personal motivation comes when we enjoy what we choose to do instead of doing what we end up finding ourselves doing.


  5. Why do most business owners and entrepreneurs in “Ghana” open up shops and offices before they look for customers? This is a question that comes into my mind any time I see such offices. People ask me all the time where my office is and I show them my laptop. Startups should patiently learn, seek advice before they open up shops.


  6. In as much as it could be attitudinal, it could also be just lack of enthusiasm and passion for the very work. There are people who are victims of what I call “ma me bi saa ara”. Which is to say, so far as I am paid, anything goes but later come to terms with de fact that even if they are paid good money, theyre still not satisfied within. In such a situation where one lacks courage, confidence and zeal to quit and start something on their own due to fear of failure and uncertainty, the dissatisfaction makes them bored, indifferent, and sometimes timid. this affect their human relations and commitment to work to a large extent.


  7. Great to know that our Attitude not our aptitude decides our place in life, the most appalling is that most of us have lost contact with reality.
    The earlier we realize that our receptive look goes a long way in reaching positivity, the closer we are to success.
    Great One, Ama.
    Following all the way from Giant of Africa, Nigeria.


  8. Thank you for this post everything and I mean absolutely everything comes down to training and corporate culture! Customer service and management training are key essential that no business small or large can afford to do without. It starts first by hiring the right people who fit into the culture a business owner wished to establish for their company then hold regular and consistent training for their staff by reputable and effective 3rd party companies (not in-house training just to save money). The few businesses that have employees doing it “right” are being training to have their personal values match that of the company’s.


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