Ama Duncan IWD Guinness 12Last month on International Women’s Day, one of the companies I was privileged to speak at was Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited. My message was on the theme: Be Bold For Change.

Ama Duncan IWD Guinness 5As usual, I recounted some personal experiences to buttress my points. One of such was that I used to place so little value on myself that at one point in my career, I did not even feel that I deserved change and for that matter a promotion. Sometimes, we women don’t go all out because we do not feel ‘good enough’. We shared experiences and encouraged each other to PRAY, PLAN, PUSH and PLAY because in each one of us lies amazing dreams that must come into reality in order to make the world a better place.

Thank you GGBL for such a beautiful experience.

Ama xx

Ama Duncan IWD Guinness 2Ama Duncan IWD Guinness 11Ama Duncan IWD Guinness 9Ama Duncan IWD Guinness 8Ama Duncan IWD Guinness 7Ama Duncan IWD Guinness 6Ama Duncan IWD Guinness 4Ama Duncan IWD Guinness 3

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